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About Me & Red Moon Photo

Where does my Company name come from?

I have had many questions on that but the answer is very easy. KORAY (my first name) means Red Moon in Turkish. Kor (as in glowing red) and Ay (Moon) gets you Red Moon.

"And thats all I have to say about that." 

Forrest Gump 

Koray Kaya

I have been into photography & video since I "borrowed" my fathers Minolta SRT 101 and his Eumiq Super8 cameras in the early 80ies. I later bought a Minolta XG2 with motor attachment followed with a X700. I In those days it was more weddings shoots, sports, many shots of Malmö and its surroundings and photos for the school paper together with many hours in the photo school dark room. Today we are in the digital age so I have acquired the equipment that is needed in order to cover pretty much all needs within professional photo & video.

My Photograph

I am shooting all sports as football, golf, ice hockey and Esports. Photo journalism about pretty much everything, Freelancing for the newspapers Expressen, Kvällsposten, GT in Sweden. For local newspapers and news & global photo agencies but also to cover my personal interests.

I freelance political events globally with both photos and live TV coverage for the customers. I travel around the world capturing the people on the streets, how they make their living and expressing their political views. I am comfortable in multicultural environments and have a vast network as a result of many years on the road, at sea and in the air.      

At home I take photos of the same things but also a family's dog outside in their normal habitat and everything about and around your families. The photo at the left shows me taking photos of wildlife, preferable close to my home as I live next to a nature preserve in Klagshamn, just south of Malmö, Sweden.

You can book me for your Wedding, Family, Company, Club, Agency, Fashion, Event, Party Advertise Photography or a Sports or Political event domestic or worldwide. The Universe that you can see is the limit!

Contact me so we can discuss about Your needs and Your expectations

Mobile Phone: +46 70 292 89 99


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